Thursday, May 15, 2008

This blog is currently under renovation.
Please come back next year, or next next year bcos we just got no time (there is a new member to the family!)

A picture of me and my younger sister Lee Zhao Wei (李 兆 蔚), also adoringly known as Mei-Mei, literally because she is the youngest in the family and born in the month of May 2008. Picture taken in July 2008.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Super shots of the year

Some magical moments captured on plastic (electronic?) ...

Qi at the city council public swimming (or rather wading) pool...

Darby look alike, from the cartoon series 'My friends, Tigger and Pooh' . (oops who took my right shoe?)

Hin Aun Association annual national meeting at Chin Woo Hall Ipoh March 2008.

Qi and the X-Ray spectacle (home modified with rubber bands, "oouch my ears hurt")

Gardenia girl

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MTV of the year

"Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, QiQi Lee Zhao Qi ...!" ( I can actualy say out this sentence).


P/S : 19 March...happy birthday to mama!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Qi and the Band

Today is the 15th day of the new lunar calendar. Today is the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration.

I had so much fun during the festive season, seeing so many familiar faces coming home to celebrate. I even had the opportunity to take some photos with the local girls band group xia ri wa wa ( 夏 日 娃 娃 ), who was shooting mtv on location at Kek Lok Tong Gunung Rapat Ipoh. Some even commented I look prettier than them, even without make-up :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I am 2!

Celebrated my birthday at McDonald’s Jalan Tasek yesterday (near PLUS Ipoh exit, the second drive-thru outlet in Ipoh). Cake by
OK, OK, fast food taste and nutrition we all know la... but pama love the ‘after party mess-free’ idea. In addition there is a play room (with my favourite slide of course) next to the function room. Guests include :

L to R : Dr Mok Chung, Melanie, Melissa, Papa, Mama, William, Wendy, Whitney, Kuma Ming, Kucheong Lester, Popo.

Yehyeh, Pakleong Sau Ying, Pakpak Cheong, Mahmah.


And you can actually jump 7 inches off the ground when you are really having a HAPPY birthday! (Olympic record for a 2 year old).

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Chinese Poem

This is my first Chinese poem recital. It is a piece from poet 孟 浩 然 during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD)

春 晓
chun xiao

春 眠 不 觉 晓
chun mian bu jue xiao

处 处 闻 啼 鸟
chu chu wen ti niao

夜 来 风 雨 声
ye lai feng yue sheng

花 落 知 多 少
hua luo zhi duo shao
P/S : I actually have a recording of the recital. Just hang on while my parents sort out the transfer to the PC before uploading for your listening pleasure.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hip Hip Holiday

Hi! I just got back from a holiday trip yesterday.
Pama took me (and themselves) for a ‘relaxed vacation’ to KL – relaxed because it had almost no pre-arranged programs (except for Aquaria KLCC). We just wanted to continue breathing…and to listen to our breathing.

After the usual-weekly Wednesday breakfast with grandma popo and her siblings (my grand aunties+uncles), me and pama pushed off from Ipoh at about 9 AM. The usual 2 hours drive to KL now took half an hour longer because of construction work in widening the North-South Highway from 2 to 3 lanes.
I was excited and just slept for an hour during the journey. We made a snack-stop at Sungai Buloh rest area. Pama had A&W’s sesame chicken nuggets and curly fries while I had my porridge in the thermo flask plus bites of the yummy nuggets (now at just short of 2 years old , I am experiencing and loving so many new tastes from the adult gourmet world, especially food with MSG).
The subsequent journey was smooth and we managed to check in at Holiday Villa Subang by noon (papa made the reservation through – good rate and service).

Pama wanted to take me for the Putra-LRT train ride. So we drove to the nearest station at Asia Jaya and hopped on the train all the way to Aquaria in KLCC (adult fare RM2.30 one way, me free). I got so excited with opposite direction on-coming trains yelling “Train stop train stop”, and with passengers disembarking and embarking at all the eleven stations during the trip.
Between pama, they have to tackle :
1. My 4 months old little sister (or brother?) in mama’s womb.
2. My 5 kg backpack of milk, bottles and nappies.
3. My 6 kg stroller.
4. Myself – 12 kg hyperactive kiddo.

We missed Aquaria fish feeding time at 3 PM but still caught many interesting denizens of the underwater world such as sharks, stingrays, eels, giant groupers and arapaimas, turtles and even the scary geckos, slimy snakes, smiley ‘baby-monkey’ and all the other squeaking insects. Other interesting features include the majestic flooded forest tube tank, the 90 meter underwater tunnel with moving walkway (for me to lie on it and observe the fish swimming above it), the aqua theatre (for me to run about and for my pama to rest their tired legs), and of course the gift shop (Aquaria entrance fee RM28 adult with MyKad, FOC children below 3).

We spent almost 2 hours in Aquaria and I was so exhausted, that I fell asleep in KLCC (so no shopping) and continued to sleep on the LRT train all the way back.
AhGu and AhYi then joined us for dinner at pama’s favourite spot – Restaurant LaLaChong near Subang Terminal 3 (must try dish : steamed lala / salt-baked tilapia).
Holiday Villa Subang is well laid out. The rooms are also spacious (although a bit seasoned). That night I slept soundly till dawn.

We had buffet breakfast at the hotel (variety and taste so-so only). Then we just roamed aimlessly into the surrounding garden and kiddy playroom. Soon the sun was up. Mama dressed me up in my swimsuit and we headed straight to the pools (1 Olympic pool, 1 Jacuzzi pool, 1 kiddy pool, 2 wading pools)! Supposed to dip for 20-30 minutes, ended with 45 minutes and a struggling and wailing me bundled up to the room. Definitely love at first sight – my first experience at the pool (sigh).
Warm milk and a short nap calmed me down from the pool-kidnap.

After check out, we headed for Jinjang to visit my great grandma (grandpa kongkong’s mummy) who is already 80+ years old. It began to rain, and I waved goodbye one last time to the KL skyline filled with skyscrapers...

At Aquaria KLCC Underwater Tunnel – with lovely mama and looming shark behind.

A whopper grouper at Aquaria KLCC Aqua Theatre. No joke, the fish is even bigger than me!

(18SX) Qi getting ready for the pool.

Note : Sorry for the poor phone-quality pictures (a real 'relaxed vacation' that even the camera was not brought along! Holiday unplugged!)